Aaron’s Rod

By Pastor Joel Sims

Having a golden altar of incense and the ark of the covenant covered on all sides with gold, in which was a golden jar holding the manna, and Aaron’s rod which budded, and the tables of the covenant; Hebrews 9:4

In the Old Testament, we see that the temple consisted of three parts. The outer court, the inner court, and the holy of holies. In the holy of holies, there was the ark of the covenant which at that time was the carrier of the presence of God.

In the ark underneath the angels’ wings where the presence of God inhabited there were three items.

  1. A pot of manna
  2. Aaron’s rod that budded
  3. The 10 commandments

This is symbolic. The presence of God in your life paves the way for you to see three things.

But today I want to highlight one: Aaron’s rod that budded. What does it mean? The ability to produce even when you’re connected to nothing but God.

Aaron’s Rod at first glance is an interesting addition to the ark of the covenant. More is known about Moses’ rod than Aaron’s, but it wasn’t Moses’ rod in the ark. It was Aaron’s rod that performed several miracles – the one scripture calls attention to is how Aaron’s rod budded.

Meaning this dead stick that was made into a rod had been disconnected from all things in the world. It had NO connection with the world.

But even with no connection in the natural, God made it bloom. He made life come into it. He made it beautiful.

Maybe you have been connected to things that at one time were giving you life. But now you don’t have that connection. Maybe it’s a job, client, friend, or relationship. But even with no connection, God can make you bloom! God’s power can make your life beautiful even when you lose all connections and for many of us maybe it’s time for a disconnection from the world anyway. Maybe we have been so captivated by something in this world that it has taken the splendor off the Lord. Maybe the Lord is even pruning that connection so that you can have a greater connection with God. Maybe it’s time to forsake Egypt and the life we think it’s giving us and find God in the wilderness so that we can see His water and life come from rocks and His presence before our faces.

Aaron’s rod teaches us that God truly is our source of a beautiful life even when every other connection is absent. Don’t grieve the things you’ve lost. The connections you no longer have. The things that aren’t there. I learned this from my father’s passing into heaven when I was 17. For so much of my life, almost all of my dreams were connected to my father. When he died it was like I lost that connection. How would My life ever be beautiful?

How would my life ever produce something wonderful? Like Aaron’s rod…I was disconnected.

But like Aaron’s rod, I was placed under the presence of God. A divine connection began to form. I made a decision to draw near to God, to be a worshiper, to be a person who would open up the door to the one who was knocking on my heart.

And you know what I found? My life bloomed.

I disconnected from so much, but it didn’t matter because God’s power and life came upon me and I see my life has become beautiful. How? His presence. You will see this too. You will see in His presence, everything you need for a beautiful life is right there.

June 21, 2023