• Consider Your Ways

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    Examine your life. Direction matters more than speed.

  • Take the Limits Off of God

    by Jheri Thomas

    I ask you today, what type of person will you be?


    by Landon Dial

    Boldness is not just a cultural characteristic that we look for in people, but it is also a very biblical characteristic that every believer should pray for.

  • Trusting God When Life Isn’t As Expected

    by Caitlin Lucas

    Faith is not a blind leap; it is a trust born out of an unwavering belief in a God who is both loving and all-knowing.

  • Reach!

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    To create the life we want... We must let go of the life we have...

  • Find Your Crash

    by Heather Sullivan

    We cannot successfully run our race alone. We absolutely need each other!

  • Have Faith, Trust God, Do Hard Things

    by Jimmie Lucas

    God was truly my refuge, and if He can deliver a wreck like me, He too can meet you where you are and bring you out of darkness into the light.

  • How to Anticipate More of God’s Goodness

    by Joél Povolni

    He wants to hear our fears and our feelings and then speak words of truth to our hearts

  • Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship

    by Tabitha Thompson

    There is a difference between thanksgiving, praise, and worship. Do you know the difference and the purpose of each?

  • The Joy of The Lord

    by Joshua Little

    Jesus took those who were lost in religion and those who were lost in total spiritual darkness and brought them into a new covenant. The Covenant of All Covenants!

  • A Life of Yes, Birthed in the Secret Place

    by Brittany Wheeler

    My heart longs to know and be known by God. I want to live a life of surrender and abide fully in the One who has loved and called us.

  • Focus on The Deep

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    “Even a man on a tiny lifeboat is happy to be off a sinking cruise ship.” Let's desire a DEEPER life, not a BIGGER life.

  • Walking With God Through Doubt

    by Hillary Ravick

    We, as believers, are meant to walk with faith in our hearts and God at our sides through those valleys.

  • Be Still and Know

    by Will Ramsey

    When was the last time you were still? I mean truly still?

  • Your Mode of Operation

    by Myria Scott

    Do you like to read? If you are reading this article, reading is likely one of your hobbies. It’s definitely one of mine.

  • Be Faithful

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    Years ago I had a conversation with a leader that changed my life.

  • Divine Guidance: Uncovering God’s Calling and Serving With Your Gifts

    by Caitlin Lucas

    If you’ve grown up in the church, you’ve likely heard repeatedly how each one of us is woven with a unique set of gifts and talents, intricately designed by the Creator for a divine purpose. And while that sounds amazing, the pressing question often lingers...

  • A Work of Love: The Perpetual Vacation

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    A few years back, I took some time off from work. I spent time in Florida and New York with family and friends. While I found it refreshing, honestly I couldn't wait to get back to work...

  • The ‘What If’ Game That Could Make You Happier!

    by John Romick

    So, I have this mental game I always like to play. I call it the "let's see how rich you could've been" game. I start by saying,...

  • The Power of a Thankful Heart

    by Landon Dial

    In our world today, it is almost impossible to find someone who has not dealt with the feeling of anxiety. Whether it is our thoughts or a situation, we all have dealt with this terrible feeling before.

  • The Importance of Your Pace

    by Zach Canoy

    Jesus did ministry at the speed of 3 mph.

  • A Five-Step Memory

    by Raffette Alston

    Spending time in God’s Word and memorizing scripture will change you.

  • The Responsibility of Your Response

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    My response matters more than what happens to me.

  • Fix Your Focus

    by Megan Williams

    How are we supposed to face a future that we have no control over?

  • Renew Your Mind

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    You will never get greatness out of you if you don’t put greatness in you.

  • It Truly Takes a Village

    by Jimmie Lucas

    The one thing that I remember most about those nightly trips to church was that it was the center gathering place for the community.

  • Faith Over Fear

    by Richard Plucker

    Because I wasn’t using faith, I was allowing fear to come into my life.

  • Let’s Speak WELL Over Our Children

    by Renee Horne

    Sure, we’re ALL going to have moments where our flesh rises up and we are D - O - N - E, DONE for that moment or even that day AND THAT’S OKAY.

  • Called Up Higher

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    God loved us so much that He stepped down from His world into ours in the form of Jesus. He walked where we walked, understood our troubles, related to our joys, ate our food, listened to our hearts, and felt our pains. And then… called us up higher.

  • The Balance Within Comparison

    by Corey Cauthen

    The simple truth is that regardless of what you do and no matter how big or small; I guarantee that somewhere in the world someone is better at it than you… And that’s OK. On the other hand, you are the only you that God created for this world, and in His eyes, that was purposeful.

  • The Pressure to Trust

    by Joèl Povolni

    If we keep our eyes on natural things, our effectiveness diminishes.

  • Surrendering All

    by Kim Berry

    There’s a song I love that says “I surrender all. Lord, I surrender all. All to Thee, my blessed Savior. I surrender all”. It's a beautiful song, and even more of a beautiful declaration, right? After reading a devotional one day, the thought came to me….... Do I really surrender all? After all, all means ALL. The dictionary defines it this way, the pronoun for all is used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing. The adverb for all is “completely”, consisting entirely of. And the noun for all is described as the whole of one’s energy or interest.

  • Pray for Your Spouse

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    The more I pray for my wife the more I see my heart for her expand and grow in ways that honestly I didn’t know were possible. I’m more in love than I’ve ever been. This also helps fuel point number 2; the more I pray for her, the more I see her, and the more I see to praise.

  • How is Your Day?

    by Myria Scott

    I suddenly realized that I lived that day consumed by the bad events of it and just labeled it "bad" without thinking of Who made it.

  • Staying Connected: Long-Distance Friendship Hacks

    by Caitlin Lucas

    Long-distance friendships require effort and intentionality, but they are worth it.

  • Position Yourself

    by Jheri Thomas

    Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever had a desire that was bigger than you? Have you ever experienced an impossible situation, too big for you? Have you ever wanted to be a blessing to someone but didn't have the means to do so? Have you ever felt inadequate?

  • The Power of Starting

    by Anna Kate Williams

    Recently, I got Invisalign to correct the alignment of one particular tooth to prevent more severe movement in the future. Even though I had braces when I was younger, the importance of wearing a retainer wasn’t quite enforced like it is now… or maybe I just didn’t wear it as I should have!

  • Lessons for the Valley

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    Oftentimes on the peaks of mountains, there is not much being produced. There isn’t much life up there. It’s hard for others to join you. There isn’t much being sown or grown. It’s beautiful. But it’s also a little barren. But when the sun hits the snow on those peaks. It turns into water and the water goes down to the valley. And in the valley, you don’t see the same heights but you often see the richest provision. Things are growing. There is greenery. There is life and movement. There is lush vegetation.

  • My Identity is in Christ

    by Consuela Thompson

    My identity is not who people think I am but who God says I am.

  • Aaron’s Rod

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    Aaron’s rod teaches us that God truly is our source of a beautiful life even when every other connection is absent.

  • Get Connected For Free (FREE)

    by Hillary Ravick

    You need a God-centered community whose faith inches you away from the world and closer to Jesus. Fortunately, you can actually get connected for free at Word of Life.

  • Own Your Faith

    by Megan Williams

    Sharing your faith doesn't always have to be a grand gesture or a formal setting. It can be as simple as conversing with a friend or family member about your beliefs or showing kindness and love to those around you.

  • Unleashing The Power of Partnership

    by John Romick

    In this bustling world, money often takes center stage. Read this article from Pastor John Romick to learn how to embrace the joy of being partners with God.

  • Developing Leaders: We Are Better Together

    by Joèl Povolni

    Becoming a leader and developing leaders is not easy, nor is it a one time encounter. Read this article from Joe'l Polvini to learn how to be a true leader by standing with others.

  • Because You Are Young

    by Hillary Ravick

    No matter where you find yourself in your career, relationships, or finances, you are a leader and can trust that God has prepared you for this season.

  • How May I Serve You?

    by Todd Vaughan

    The greatest among us is the biggest servant of all. Read this article from Todd Vaughan to discover what it means to have the true heart of a servant.

  • What to Do When You Are Disappointed in You

    by Pastor Joel Sims

    Everyone has experienced times of doubt and disappointment in the decisions they have made or actions they have taken. So, what do you do when you have disappointed you? Read this article from Pastor Joel Sims.

  • Grow

    by Luke Spencer

    Growing is a good thing, and it's rarely easy or comfortable but well worth the effort.

  • Seeing God’s Faithfulness In Your Struggles

    by Caitlin Lucas

    I have found comfort in the fact that God is always with me, and He is faithful.

  • Is Healing For Today?

    by Anna Kate Williams

    Jesus makes it crystal clear here that it is His will to heal.

  • God Called It Good

    by Arielle Wallace

    You may be asking, what good things has He called me to do? Honestly, I have no idea

  • How to Make Friends and Build Community

    by Chase Sievers

    They say it takes 200 hours to make a close friend. That’s a long time!

  • 3 Ways To Know You’re In Biblical Community

    by Chase Sievers

    In place of the hands of Christ reaching out to help a dying world, we’ve got severed fingers

  • Why You Are Not Married

    by Raffette Alston

    If you desire to marry and are not yet, there are three primary reasons why you are not married

  • The Response In The Wilderness

    by Mallory Denson

    The wilderness is where God prunes, sharpens and molds us into being more like Him.

  • I Am Not Selfish; I’m Scared

    by Zach Canoy

    As a child of divorce, I have seen firsthand the damage that can be caused when money is tight, faith is low, and generosity isn't fathomable.

  • Does God Play Golf?

    by Jay Horne

    Why has God set His attention on us like this? Because He loves us.

  • Just For Fun

    by Robert Berry

    When you go, this allows God to display his love and faithfulness through your story.

  • Do I Have To?

    by Robert Berry

    Only God’s words from your heart to another person's heart can bring truth, freedom and joy.

  • Prayer Bootcamp

    by John Romick

    prayer is not just when you ask God for things; it's when you are close to God.

  • Hey! God Saw That!

    by Myria Scott

    As you know, love never fails, and it will not fail you, nor will it fail those who “roll up on you.”

  • God, My Healer and Health

    by Luke Spencer

    I want to encourage you today, there is hope, and it starts with the humble act of asking for help!

  • 3 Tips On Parenting Boys

    by Chase Sievers

    "Here's what I've learned about raising boys — if you keep 'em busy, they're fine. If you let 'em get bored, they'll dismantle your house, board by board." — Kenny Rogers.

  • Free Your Mind

    by Marie Hayden

    The One who steals my heart away is the center of my thoughts.

  • Tips For Teenagers Walking With God 

    by Gabbi Adams

    Walking closely with God is not something reserved for only the older generations

  • The Art of Creating and Developing Rock-Solid Habits

    by John Romick

    The art of creating and developing rock-solid habits requires consistency, focus, understanding…

  • The Art of Celebration

    by Joèl Povolni

    I discovered amidst the chaos an answered prayer, a new opportunity, and the beauty surrounding me.

  • Why Write the Vision and Make it Plain?

    by Ryan Lamberson

    What we don't write down, we tend to forget.

  • How to Handle Transition

    by Chase Sievers

    What if you believed as Jesus did that strength was as close as asking those around you for help and pouring your heart out to God?

  • Lean With It

    by Marie Hayden

    Trust me. Better yet, TRUST GOD! Lean into Him. He never fails.

  • How to Beat a Bad Day

    by Gabbi Adams

    It’s crazy how quickly the human mind goes into full-on crisis mode.

  • What I Wish Everyone Knew About Worship

    by Rebekah Peacock

    "pour out your heart to Him in everything you do, which is true worship to the Father."

  • Three Things I’ve Learned in Fathering.

    by Ryan Lamberson

    "At the end of our lives, we won't wish we worked more. We would have hoped we spent more time with our children."

  • Teenagers

    by Peppi Sims

    "We are stewards of our kids, not owners. One day we will give an account of the kids God blessed us with. "

  • How to Reach Your Community

    by Robert Berry

    "As you reach your community, you have every possibility to help transform your community today and for generations to come."

  • Getting Closer to God

    by Brian Butler Jr.

    "God wants you to be close to Him. So what are you waiting for?"

  • After 39 Years of Marriage

    by Myria Scott

    "Do marriage from a place of love.”

  • What Happens When We Worship

    by Rebekah Peacock

    “Like many things in being a follower of Jesus, worship is a simplistically complex practice we have."

  • Marriage After 16 Years

    by Peppi Sims

    "I’m still married to the man I need, want, and love more than anyone else I have ever known. How is that possible?"

  • Managing a Difficult Employee

    by Ryan Lamberson

    "Whatever the reason, the manager must begin by putting on the hat of a coach and providing some feedback, wisdom, or resources to help the employee become successful again."

  • Marriage is a (Long) Love Story

    by Myria Scott

    "This trip is not a honeymoon. It’s a trip we took during our honeymoon. Our marriage is still our honeymoon.”

  • Why It Matters to Be in Corporate Worship?

    by Rebekah Peacock

    “Corporate worship is taking a stance of humility and saying, ‘We gather for something and someone bigger than who we are."

  • So, How Do I Get Close to God?

    by Brian Butler Jr.

    "You can get as close to God as you want, but it will always require you to do something."

  • Don’t Hesitate

    by Luke Spencer

    " It’s us being so aware of Him and His goodness toward us that makes us run to Him no matter what we’ve done"

  • Leaving Comfort Behind

    by Chase Sievers

    "Jesus saying, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel” should be enough for us to book the plane ticket for a missions trip, but it doesn’t hurt to have a gentle nudge by a bunch of Ivy League-ers. "

  • Unpacking Pressure

    by Ryan Lamberson

    "if we can’t escape it (pressure) we need to know how to handle it when it comes."

  • Cherishing the Chaos

    by Peppi Sims

    "YOU. WILL. MISS. THIS. SEASON. So try to make the memories today that you can hold on to in the future.."

  • Read Your Way to God

    by Brian Butler Jr

    As you see the title, your first inclination might be to respond by saying, “Here we go. You’re just going to tell me to read the Bible again. I’ve been reading the Bible for a long time and I still don’t feel that much closer to God.”

  • Mommin’ Is Easy Like Sunday Morning

    by Marie Hayden

    "Let me preface this article by saying, most of the wisdom I’m sharing here was learned the hard way…this isn’t one of those, “do as I do in 3 easy steps” moments. I’m coming to you fresh from the battlefield that is Motherhood. So fresh, that I almost hesitate to share because in many ways, I’m still in the trenches. So, hear me when I say, this is what I know so far to be true."

  • Reflect Then Rejoice

    by Tabitha Thompson

    "No matter what season we find ourselves in, at some point we will face obstacles and challenges. Last year surely brought its fair share of challenges and obstacles. Not to mention the emotions that come along with those challenges, and sometimes the weight of those emotions can feel too heavy to bear."

  • The Number One Lesson Every Leader Needs to Know

    by Ryan Lamberson

    "There is so much great content on leadership available today which makes it hard to know where to start and what’s important. You may have a problem that needs to be solved and need help with that specific thing, but don’t want to have to read through an entire book that may or may not help you solve the problem you face. The truth is there’s a lot of quality content out there, but if you're like most leaders you really need something now and that will help you make progress this week."

  • How to Get Close to God

    by Brian Butler

    "Here we see a man by the name of Enoch that walked with God. And if Enoch could be close enough with God to walk with Him, then so can you!"

  • If It’s Not, It Needs To Be

    by Myria Scott

    “So I ask you, who is the greatest person you know? Just like the Holy Spirit said to me, “If it is not your spouse, it needs to be.”

  • Seeking God

    by Luke Spencer

    “Do you ever catch yourself not being able to find the time to talk with The Father? How about even scheduling it into your day just to have something come up that takes its place? You are not alone!”

  • Gratitude

    by Tabitha Thompson

    “I asked the Holy Spirit why gratitude was so powerful and He explained to me that saying thank you to the Father is an act of humility and humility is always rewarded with grace. His grace is His help in our lives.”