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Pray for Your Spouse

The more I pray for my wife the more I see my heart for her expand and grow in ways that honestly I didn’t know were possible. I’m more in love than I’ve ever been. This also helps fuel point number 2; the more I pray for her, the more I see her, and the more I see to praise.

How is Your Day?

I suddenly realized that I lived that day consumed by the bad events of it and just labeled it “bad” without thinking of Who made it.

Position Yourself

Have you ever had a dream?

Have you ever had a desire that was bigger than you?

Have you ever experienced an impossible situation, too big for you?

Have you ever wanted to be a blessing to someone but didn’t have the means to do so?

Have you ever felt inadequate?

The Power of Starting

Recently, I got Invisalign to correct the alignment of one particular tooth to prevent more severe movement in the future. Even though I had braces when I was younger, the importance of wearing a retainer wasn’t quite enforced like it is now… or maybe I just didn’t wear it as I should have!

Lessons for the Valley

Oftentimes on the peaks of mountains, there is not much being produced. There isn’t much life up there. It’s hard for others to join you. There isn’t much being sown or grown. It’s beautiful. But it’s also a little barren. But when the sun hits the snow on those peaks. It turns into water and the water goes down to the valley. And in the valley, you don’t see the same heights but you often see the richest provision. Things are growing. There is greenery. There is life and movement. There is lush vegetation.

Aaron’s Rod

Aaron’s rod teaches us that God truly is our source of a beautiful life even when every other connection is absent.

Get Connected For Free (FREE)

You need a God-centered community whose faith inches you away from the world and closer to Jesus. Fortunately, you can actually get connected for free at Word of Life.

Own Your Faith

Sharing your faith doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture or a formal setting. It can be as simple as conversing with a friend or family member about your beliefs or showing kindness and love to those around you.