Do I Have To?

By Robert Berry

I look forward to mornings in the car with my wife and two children. The conversations never cease to amaze me. One of the conversations we all always, and I do mean always, is phrased around a question that gives a certain response at times. 

The question: Tell me what you are thankful for?

The response: Dad, do I have to???

Have you ever responded that way? Sometimes you just want to be still in silence and not hear anyone talk or answer any questions. I can recall some moments like these and maybe you have as well. Even though they have responded like this at times, when they share,  we are filled with joy and in my wife’s favorite word at this moment, “Awe.” 

Last week I was invited to go talk with a group of people that I never met before and they were experiencing a rough time. I couldn’t imagine what they were going through. Hearing the news they received, who could imagine the right words to say. It was very traumatic what they experienced. I began to ask inwardly, God, do I have to??? I wanted to say no and was like surely they can find someone else.  Well, I made the decision to go and literally was like, Holy Spirit, I need your help. The day finally came and my heart was beating fast! After being introduced to the people, I began to talk, shared a personal story and asked them a question. Responses started and silence didn’t have a chance in that room after sharing my story. Looking at one individual, his head was down at the start of the responses. Well, he finally held his head up and said, now that I heard your stories, I can talk now. I needed to hear them so I could talk. I told the young man that I would never forget his statement. I began to think, what if I didn’t go share my story? At the end, I got the opportunity to talk with him one on one, we exchanged numbers, had lunch with him and invited him to church. 

When we go share our faith with someone be it through a text, email, call, lunch, inviting them to church, attending a sporting event with them, walking or running together, encouraging someone at your job, attend a funeral with a close friend, speak at an event, pray for someone, write a thank you note to your child’s teacher, etc. God can make a difference.

Will you go share your faith with someone today? I am asking but in Matthew 28:19, 20 Jesus gave you and I the great commission…Go and make disciples and teach them… One of the ways we do this is by sharing our story of God’s goodness and faithfulness with family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc. Only God’s words from your heart to another person’s heart can bring truth, freedom and joy that the world can’t give. We don’t have to, we get to. 

The Great Commission is our Heartbeat.

February 2, 2023