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Becoming Covenant Keepers | E4

Becoming Covenant Keepers | E4

I Want That

A marriage is bound by a covenant before God and is not to be taken lightly. in this final episode, Pastor John mentions two different approaches to marriage. Ultimately, when we commit to one another we honor God with our covenant.

What Are You Asking For? | E1

It is easy to look at a "perfect" couple living a "perfect" life on social media and envy their situation. In this episode John challenges us to ask ourselves "What am I asking for?" and what part does God play in what I want?

What We Were Designed to Have | E2

Having the "perfect" relationship doesn't require two perfect pieces but calls for two imperfect and willing people to align themselves with the will of God. Pastor John explains how we are called to be united with one another and with God in marriage.

The Spiritual Battle of Marriage | E3

In this episode, we learn of the importance of Christ-centered marriages, and implementing practical steps to navigate spiritual challenges to better position ourselves to stand united against the devil's schemes.