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Coffee Time E12

Joel & Peppi Sims - Episode 12

Coffee Time

As parents, what are the things you have learned that would repeat and what things would you change?

Coffee Time E1

How to strengthen the relationship with your children: Take care of ourselves, setting firm boundaries and having heart to heart time.

Coffee Time E2

How to make your spouse your best friend? How to have a marriage that is celebrated, not tolerated. How to stop fighting with each other, and start fighting for each other.

Coffee Time E3

Discover how to have fun together in marriage. How to be each others helpmate, soulmate and dreammate!

Coffee Time E4

Offenses are going to come in life, but how are we going to handle them? Find out how Jesus dealt with this and apply it to your life today.

Coffee Time E5

If you deal with anxiety, look for people who are gravity. Don’t fall for the lie of thinking that no one has dealt with what you are dealing with.