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Coffee Time | Intentional Parenting as a Professional | S5E1

Coffee Time | Intentional Parenting as a Professional | S5E1

Season 5 – Coffee Time

In this Coffee Time, Pastor Joel Sims is joined by his childhood friend Ryan Eaton to discuss what it was like becoming a father at a young age and the journey of finding the balance of intentionality with family and actively growing a career.

Coffee Time | The Well-Being Within the Practical and Personal | S5E2

Stress can come from anywhere and affect anything. In this episode, Pastor Joel returns with Ryan to talk about practical advice, focusing on intentional living, healthy well-being, and financial stewardship.

Coffee Time | Investing in Your Life | S5E3

Why are we called to be good stewards of our life? Pastor Joel and Ryan walk us through the reasons why taking ownership of your situation and looking past personal consumption helps us build toward a better future.

Coffee Time | Learning to Love Deeper | S5E4

Marriage is all about the willingness to love deeply. In this episode of Coffee Time Pastor Joel and Ryan emphasize the importance of maintaining an open heart and the harm that a hardened heart will cause.