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Into the Oasis | E5

Into the Oasis | E5

Camels and Flies

To wrap up this series, Pastor John encourages us that through prayer, the word, and our sound doctrine, we are given the ability to get to where we are called and the victory over anything that gets in the way.

Wrapped in the Word | E1

There comes a point where we get serious about our faith, where we choose intentionality within our walk with God. When we become not just hearers but doers! Pastor John speaks on covering yourself with the word of God and understanding when to put importance on certain biblical

Sound Doctrine… What’s That? | E2

Why is it so important to know what we believe and why we believe it? Why is so critical for these beliefs to be biblical and correct? In this episode, we are introduced to what Sound doctrine is and why it is important.

Use Your Camel | E3

We now know why it is important to have sound doctrine but why and how do we use it? Pastor John explains that if we use the Word of God and the sound doctrine it contains, it will actually work for our good just as God does.

A Change of Perspective | E4

Sound Doctrine is like fuel and a foundation for our faith that can change everything that we know, but what does that look like? Pastor John tells us exactly how our “camels” can totally transform who we are and our entire lives.