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The Strength in Joy | E3

The Strength in Joy | E3

An Encouraging Christmas

Finding strength throughout our day-to-day can be tiring and tedious. In this episode Pastor Kray lets us know that The joy of the Lord IS our strength. No matter what season of life we are walking through all we have to do is find the joy of the Lord and know we are stronger bec

His Parent’s Faith | E1

What would you do or how would you react to an angel telling you that your life is about to change? In this episode, we will be talking about the sheer faith that a young couple had.

A Content Christmas | E2

During seasons of abundance, like Christmas, it's easy to want more or to focus on what we didn't receive. Pastor Kray reminds us of the importance of being content and thankful for what we have now.

The Dawn of Salvation| E4

Wrapping up this series, we are reminded of the Gift that keeps on giving. That Gift is Jesus, and the gift we receive is salvation! That is the true meaning of Christmas. A baby sent to save the very world it was born unto.