• Expressions of Worship

    What is worship? Is it only for churches and people who can sing? In this series, we learn about the different [...]

  • It Is Written

    In this faith-building series, we comb through Scripture learning how to be overcomers through Jesus.

  • Get To Work

    What comes to mind when you think of the word "Work"? Work is rarely something we look forward to, especially when [...]

  • Strong Marriages & Strong Communities

    In this special video, we have Pastor Chase, Pastor Geno, and their wives sharing their personal experiences with the highs and [...]

  • I Want That

    God has a lot to say about relationships. In this series, Pastor John Romick walks us through some practical tips on [...]

  • 10 Dos After I Do

    In this 2024 relationship series, explore key practices to keep your marriage Christ-centered and strong.

  • 21 Days of Prayer

    Welcome to 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting. 21 Days of Prayer is simple – it’s taking the time to intentionally [...]

  • 4 to Soar

    In this new series titled "4 to Soar", we dive into 4 things that will take your relationship with God and [...]

  • Staff Picks 2024

  • Staff Picks 2023

    Welcome to "Staff Picks 2023," where we have hand-picked a collection of podcast episodes from 2023. These curated episodes are aimed [...]

  • An Encouraging Christmas

    We can all agree that Christmas is a hectic time of the year for us all. With all the cooking, decorating, [...]

  • Defiant Joy

    How do we fight back when life is trying hard to knock us down? In "Defiant Joy," Pastor Joel Sims lets [...]

  • Walking With Jesus

    Every day, whether you are aware of it or not, you make the choice of living life with or without the [...]

  • Cry For Community

    If you have ever felt a need to belong, it's because you were created for community. In this new series "Cry [...]

  • Camels and Flies

    There is SO much content in the Bible to focus on but is there anything that deserves our focus more than [...]

  • Dealing With ____

    Dealing with ____ is a hard-hitting series with real-life topics like disappointment, addiction, unbelief, marriage, and depression. Follow along and discover [...]

  • Escape the Worry Trap

    Despite what we are told in the world today, worry should not be a normal experience in our life. Pastor John [...]

  • Missions
    Missions: Empowering Hearts, Transforming Nations

    The Great Commission is our heartbeat and we believe in the value of GO - going into the world preaching the [...]

  • Teach Me to Pray

    Prayer. What does it mean and how do you do it? In the new series "Teach Me to Pray", you will [...]

  • Serve Value

    We serve God by serving others and help to fulfill the Great Commission together.

  • How to Share Your Faith

    Sharing your faith with others can be a daunting task, especially if you are not sure how to approach it. Thankfully, [...]

  • Generosity Journey

    Being generous doesn't stop at a dollar sign, but is rooted deeper in our hearts. In "Generosity Journey," Pastor Joel Sims [...]

  • Valor del dar

    God doesn’t want your money, but he does want your heart. God wants you to be blessed and he wants you [...]

  • Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

    In this new series "Nothing to be Ashamed of", you will discover that the unmerited goodness of God can completely change [...]

  • Valor Conectar

    We value growth. Everything we do is with your Growth in mind. This series will help you Grow in your relationship [...]

  • Dating as a Christian

    We are starting a 4-week series where we talk about Christian Dating. We believe that as we open up the word [...]

  • God of the Impossible

    In our new series “God of the Impossible,” you'll find that faith doesn’t try to control the situation. It just believes [...]

  • When Life Hurts

    In this new series, John Romick, Robert Berry, and Pastor Joel Sims tell us that even when life hurts, through the [...]

  • Go Value

    Aprende sobre la importancia de IR y predicar el Evangelio. ¡Cómo compartir y cómo no fracasar!

  • Valor Crecer

    We value growth. Everything we do is with your Growth in mind. This series will help you Grow in your relationship [...]

  • How to Change

    In the empowering series "How to Change," discover that your brightest days are yet to come! By relying on God to [...]

  • Principles of Prayer

    Prayer is a powerful thing. It’s the secret behind miracles found in the bible. It’s our competitive advantage. It’s a series [...]

  • I Believe in Miracles

    I believe in Miracles. I believe they are still for today. You might not know it, but you are surrounded by [...]

  • Life of Worship

    This is a 4 episode series where we talk about what it really means to worship? It’s something that’s mentioned over [...]

  • Back to the Basics

    This is a 5-week series about the foundations of our faith. We cover, prayer, scripture, confession, service, and love. It’s an [...]

  • Believer’s Authority

    Welcome to Believer’s Authority, a series created to teach you about the authority you have as a believer. In these lessons, [...]

  • Relationships

    Relationships, we all have them and they come in a variety of ways. They all require work and intentional growth. Take [...]

  • In His Presence

    Join us in a series where we talk about Prayer. How to pray, how to live a livestyle of prayer, how [...]

  • Healing for Today

    Creemos que al final de esta serie podrás responder a la siguiente pregunta: " ¿La sanación es para hoy?"

  • Why Give?

    The heart behind these videos is to enlighten you to the blessings and life that God our Father has for you [...]

  • Forgiveness

    Just like the people of israel found water in the desert, yet couldn’t drink it because of its bitterness; we find [...]

  • Happiness

    Aprenda a mantener una relación que perdure en el tiempo.

  • A Timeless Love

    Pregúntate: ¿qué estoy observando? Porque nos convertimos en lo que observamos.

  • Healing

    Hay muchos detalles que intervienen en la sanación, pero sé consciente de esto: ¡Dios quiere que te mejores!

  • Coffee Time

    Deep conversation, healthy laughter, and great dares! What’s not to love about this?

  • God-Confidence

    There is a difference between self confidence and God confidence. To develop God confidence we need to know who God is, [...]

  • Prophecy

    In this series we want to explain what prophecy is, but most importantly we want to make you desire it. We [...]