Focus on The Deep

By Pastor Joel Sims

“Even a man on a tiny lifeboat is happy to be off a sinking cruise ship.”


I had this thought come to me in prayer the other day.


So often we try to create big lives filled with increase and luxuries. Things that not only we can enjoy but people that we love can enjoy as well. We dream. We aspire. We create. All of these things are good and pleasing to God. In the middle of that though they must be held in check by tremendous character and accountability.


When we lose character, we create icebergs that endanger the ship.


We see this happening with first, fear and pressure creeping into our souls. We have become responsible so much for the ship that we fear the loss of the comfort it is providing not just us, but those on the ship with us. This can result in us losing our character even more. We don’t have devotionals, we don’t seek deep worship, and church attendance is a luxury. Finances get even more stretched and God is ever more left out of them.


This creates even more icebergs (danger) and weakens the ship even more.


This turns into us dreaming less and desiring less because we don’t want the pressure of managing something so big. Helping more people, being responsible for more, etc.


What is the solution?


It is the desire of a DEEPER life, not a BIGGER life!


A deeper life gives you the peace of a small ship, one that is easily managed but the favor from heaven and blessing from God that lays beside you a BIGGER life.


We don’t need to carry the pressure of the cruise ship (fun for everyone, provision for everyone, luxury for everyone). This will lead to cracks in our character that could endanger the vessel for us and everyone else.


We need to carry the desire for a DEEPER life.


What does that look like to really be a person of prayer?:


  1. Meditation
  2. Service
  3. Love
  4. Worship


To be a worshiping king… Like David’s unbridled love for the Lord in the presence of the WHOLE kingdom. 


This poses another thought. Am I a worshiping king? Do people see my power only? Or do they also see my deep devotion to God?


Study Psalms and see a king who often wanted the peace of a small lifeboat and to be relieved from the pressure of the cruise ship. Then witness a God who led that king not to the lifeboat, but back to God who would give him the grace to manage all that he needed to manage.


The truth is we need you to be a cruise ship captain. We need your wisdom, safety, strength, and power!




Because if that goes, we all will want to be off the cruise ship and will be happy in a little lifeboat. Become a person of deep soul. Become a person of worship. Become a person who puts God first. This will give you the favor and blessing to be the cruise ship God has called you to be.


This will also make you SAFE.


It will save you from harm, but also save those who depend on you from the pain of being hurt when your character weakens.


The Lesson: Focus on DEEP before BIG.


2 Chronicles 26:5

February 29, 2024