By Luke Spencer

Growing is a good thing, and it’s rarely easy or comfortable but well worth the effort. That’s what Growth takes, though, your effort. The word effort means “a vigorous or determined attempt,” and serving was where I made just that, a determined attempt to Grow.

My serving journey began on a Sunday morning when someone walked up to me and asked me, “Hey man, where are you serving?” I had no idea what serving was or how you did it at the time. But most of all, I didn’t feel qualified to do anything in the church. The only picture I had of serving in the church was what I had seen happen as a child. You know, when they come down to the front of the church, people vote to see who will be approved to pass the offering plate, otherwise known as a deacon. Well, I knew I wasn’t going to do that! But little did I know how far off I was from what it truly means to serve and the Growth that comes from it.

Fast forward about three months, and I found myself on the Usher Team in a room full of other men praying, and they were talking to God like I had never seen before. For the first time, I saw a group of men who were unashamed of their love for Jesus! It changed so many things in me. As I got to know these men and continued serving on the Usher Team, I began to Grow in ways I could have never imagined! My hunger for the things of God was increasing. The way I was talking started to change, and even the way I was thinking began to change. My whole life was changing, and I was growing into the person God had created me to be!

Hebrews 11:6 says God “is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].” Those verses say that God manifests His presence to those hungry for Him, and he comes in presence and power to those who desire Him enough to go after Him. That’s what I was doing, going after Him and desiring to Grow in Him and all that He is!

I can honestly say that after 18 years of serving and pursuing the things of God, He has grown me up so much, and I only want to continue to Grow because I know that it takes humility to grow, and 1 Peter 5 says God gives grace to the humble and I need some grace!

My serving journey started with trusting God and joining the Usher Team! And I know because of that team and those guys, He’s helped me Grow up in Him! I believe that He desires to do the same for you!

May 3, 2023