Have Faith, Trust God, Do Hard Things

By Jimmie Lucas

The hardest part about life is truly understanding that “IT” will happen. Over the course of my life, it has surely been a journey of even flows.

All throughout scripture, we see acts of bravery through faith and trust. Whether it was David facing Goliath, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Moses standing up to Pharaoh, or Noah building the Ark. Although each of them may not have understood fully the purpose or the assignment, by trusting God and having the faith of a muster seed, they all became victorious through obedience.

You see, over the course of my life, I have often heard God give me a specific set of instructions, and like Jonah, I did what I wanted to do and often found myself in places of darkness, states of depression, and blaming God and others for my heartache and downfall.

It wasn’t until one day when I was lost at sea, drowning in a state of confusion, dismay, and sin, not only did God throw me a lifeline but He also became a beacon of light in my darkness. After I realized that the world had me lost in a state of comparison focusing on instant wins and gratifications to measure my manhood, God’s grace and mercy rescued me.

One day I came across this scripture, and my life was changed: 

 “God is our refuge, and ever-present strength in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1

My faith deepened, my trust in God’s greatness increased, and although it was difficult, I let go of those things from my past that were anchoring me down. I repositioned myself within a faith-based church and Biblical support group and that is when my life completely changed for the better. God spared me, and His love renewed my spirit and delivered my soul from solitude and hurt. Now, I live my life as a faithful servant and in obedience to the Creator. God was truly my refuge, and if He can deliver a wreck like me, He too can meet you where you are and bring you out of darkness into the light.

You must first be willing to commit to doing these three things daily, and all your dreams will become a reality. You must: Have Faith, Trust God, and Do Hard Things.

April 1, 2024