Hey! God Saw That!

By Myria Scott

Sam 16:7 “… For[b] the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

I love Bible studies and have been in many of them. One major topic that challenges us believers is walking in love at work, especially with unbelievers and sometimes believers who are, like all of us, still maturing. So the Lord has highlighted the topic, “walking in love at work,” in my Bible studies.  

When I asked the Lord about writing this article, He reminded me of an incident at my job over ten years ago. I was working on a project with a team of people when an employee seemingly came from nowhere, got in my face, and “read me the riot act.” Everyone stood there in shock. I responded by keeping my composure as I thought, “Oh no! She DID NOT just roll up on me like that! What makes her even THINK that she can!” So I decided to address it right there. I don’t remember what I said or even what it was about, but I recall that I was composed and professional when I “nipped it in the bud.”   

My co-workers complimented my professionalism in handling the situation, but in my heart, I knew God was NOT pleased. What they heard and saw did not match what God saw. They saw my outward appearance, but God saw my heart.  

I knew I needed to make this right, so I apologized to my co-workers for how I treated the employee and explained that my heart and attitude were wrong. I also repented to God and went to my office, knowing I needed to apologize to the employee. Although the employee had already left work, I sensed the urgency of doing it that day. When I called and repented, her response seemed awkward and short, but I knew God was pleased. 

Early the following day, the employee met me in the office. When she sat down, she began to cry, apologized for her actions, and explained how hard the previous day had been for her. She said when she left work, she felt like no one, especially me, cared. Then when she got home, she discovered that someone had burglarized her home. As she shared many other things that were going on, the Lord had me minister and pray with her. She said she was overwhelmed that I called her because she desperately needed to know someone cared. 

You see, God knew that all along. It was important to Him that she knew someone cared. He knew, even when I didn’t, that it needed to come from me. My heart had to align with His so that agape love could flow in that situation. So the Lord was not displeased that I addressed the problem: He was not pleased with what He saw in my heart when I did. 
God knows we will encounter situations that “roll up on us.” When they happen, before responding, pause to check your heart because He sees it. Then, align it with His so that agape love can flow. As you know, love never fails, and it will not fail you, nor will it fail those who “roll up on you.”

December 31, 2022