How is Your Day?

By Myria Scott

“This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”   Psalms 118:24. 

Have you ever had a long day, and do vacation days somehow fly by? Most of us would answer “yes” to these questions.  The truth is that no matter how long or short a day seems, they all have 24 hours.  Okay…daylight saving time or when you travel across time zones might be the exceptions….I’ll give you that.  Even in those situations, once things settle, we still return to living on a 24-hour day.  

I’ve talked to people who’ve had “stressful” or “boring” days and, in frustration, said, “This has been a LONG day.  I just wanna get through it!”.  On the other hand, I’ve heard those same people on vacation say, “It’s Thursday already… this week is flying by!” Okay, I confess, the people I’m referring to, one of them is actually… me.”  It’s interesting how sometimes our perceived length of a day has much to do with the events that are going on in it.  We’ll get back to this.

I have another question…Have you ever had a bad day?  I mean, a REALLY bad day?  Don’t answer that question yet.  Let me share one such day with you.

Many years ago, I came home from a “long” day at work, and my husband, Terry, asked his usual question when I walked through the door, “So…how was your day?” I was still frustrated and felt somewhat beat down by it and responded/snapped, “REALLY BAD! Today was AWFUL!!”  I immediately blurted out in detail all the crazy things that happened that day. Then I “vopped” (a word my mom used) down on the sofa with my arms crossed.

Terry gently sat down, put his arms around me, and whispered, “Myria, there are no bad days.” I couldn’t believe my ears and thought, “He obviously did not hear a word I said!” My neck movement as I turned my head also showed my disagreement with that statement, so he quickly continued in a very gentle tone, “Before you respond, hear me out. Think about it… ‘This is the day that the Lord has made…’ “.   I reluctantly completed, “Yeah, I know…’ I will rejoice and be glad in it.’ ”  He continued, “Myria, Who made today?…and has He EVER made ANYTHING bad for us?”  I knew the answers to those questions but still thought to myself, “Yeah buddy…but you were NOT at work with me today.” Terry then made a statement that completely changed the way I approached my days. He said, “Bad events can happen in our GOOD day, but the day itself is ALWAYS GOOD because of WHO MADE IT.”

I suddenly realized that I lived that day consumed by the bad events of it and just labeled it “bad” without thinking of Who made it. All along, the Lord faithfully displayed all the intricacies of making that beautiful day for me, and I just, without real thought, called it awful. I have to be straight with you, during that day, no rejoicing and very little (if any) expression of thanksgiving occurred. I just flowed wherever the events took me.  

Well, that day, I repented and decided to change my position by not calling a day “bad,” regardless of its events. What a difference I noticed in how my days are governed! It is as if I am positioned ahead of the events (good or bad), because now, when I wake up, before things get started, I know and acknowledge Who makes each day.  

Since I changed position about this, have there been events that brought stress, heartbreak, disappointment, frustration, fear, joy, excitement, fun, etc?  Um…yeah,… I still live on planet Earth! But since I know Who made today, I know He is always bigger than all those events. I have also found it easier to stand on the Word of the One Who actually made the day.  

Here’s a thought.  Aren’t you glad the Lord doesn’t delegate making days to someone else? The Creator of the universe still personally makes each and every one of our days. That’s enough to make you rejoice!    

About your “long” or “short” days: note that the hours in our days don’t slow down when events are bad or speed up during enjoyable events.  That would be kinda mean of the Maker of Days. Since we know that God is always good and faithful, we can trust that every day has 24 hours or the consistent length of time that He appointed in it. It’s how He created it.  

So don’t allow the events in your day to be bigger than the Creator of it or determine how you label it because “This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”   Psalms 118:24.  

So…How is your day?

September 1, 2023