How May I Serve You?

By Todd Vaughan

As I pull up to the drive-thru to place my order for this Holy chicken, it never fails that the question is asked, “How May I Serve You?” If you’re wondering about the place I’m referring to, it’s Chick-fil-A. Greatest service on earth if you ask me. Always smiling, willing to be helpful, even in the rain. God wants a servant’s heart just like that. When it comes to being a servant in the church, this is the perfect example that I would like to reference. The lines are long, and you’re dealing with multiple personalities, and changing of the weather but it doesn’t stop the smiles and saying, “How May I Serve You?”

It is greater to serve than be served. By serving others, you’re serving God. Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be your servant.”(Matthew 20:26 NLT) Greatness for Jesus was about giving yourself to others. Your time, money, effort, care, love, attention, resources, hands and feet. Jesus would know that better than anyone else. Jesus also wanted all his followers to be willing to do the same.

There are numerous values to serving:

  • Getting closer to God
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Helping your church and community
  • Getting a sense of purpose

Just to name a few.

Let us all become servants of the Most High. Let’s help meet the needs of other people. And remember that it is not about money or rewards but about being devoted, helpful, and humble before God. So, How May I Serve You…?

June 1, 2023