If It’s Not, It Needs To Be

By Myria Scott

If It’s Not, It Needs To Be.

Years ago, I was in a business meeting and the facilitator opened with this icebreaker question, “Who is the greatest man you know?” Many in the meeting noted men of significant accomplishments and notoriety. So as it got close to my turn, I got a little nervous because others took my answers, and I ran out of guys (of course, I did not want my great man to be a repeat of someone else’s). As the person before me was talking, the Holy Spirit softly said to me, “If the greatest man you know is not Terry, it needs to be.” Moments before my turn came up; I debated in my mind if “Terry” was the appropriate answer in this meeting. I couldn’t shake it and knew in my heart that it was. The greatest people we know are those closest to us. Those we see every day.  In fact, that was the point the facilitator was making. So Terry was and still is my answer to that question. 

From that icebreaker, something changed in me concerning my marriage. From that day on, I saw Terry through his greatness. What do I mean by greatness? Simply put, it’s seeing, valuing, and enjoying all those good things (ways) that God placed in Terry. Well, what about his flaws? Am I blind to them? Of course not. They’re there every day… just like mine. I decided not to let his flaws make me blind to his greatness. You might ask, how do you do that? I started by asking the Lord to show me Terry as my husband through His eyes… and He showed me his greatness, which is one lens through which Terry and I see each other. This keeps us grounded in love when dealing with our flaws. So I ask you, who is the greatest person you know? Just like the Holy Spirit said to me, “If it is not your spouse, it needs to be.” 

January 25, 2022