It Truly Takes a Village

By Jimmie Lucas

My mother is from a small country town in Lawrence County named Sontag. It is the kind of town where everyone in the town is a cousin of some sort. As a kid, I would spend the summers there with my Big Mother and we would be at the small community church every night for some odd reason or another.

The one thing that I remember most about those nightly trips to church was that it was the center gathering place for the community. Everything from bartering, trading, and selling, to prayer, food, funerals, counseling, educating, and oh yeah, having church. Whatever anyone in the community needed, they were able to find it at this little community church.

Based on that experience, I believe belonging to a community is the one key thing to live a life of abundance and prosperity. You see, it was not until I aligned with a community deeply rooted in prayer and faith, that my life began to change for the better. Now, not only was my life getting poured the love of God into, but also my family’s lives as well.

Having a community uplifts, encourages, and creates an environment conducive to thriving within the Spirit of God and having a life complete with love and covering. As I became a better Kingdom Man with the help of a community, so did my family, and my church also benefited from it.

We are not meant to do life alone and healing and deliverance don’t only happen on Sundays. True manifestation of life happens within a community and there is a community out there for each of us, which is Spirit-filled and God-led. Aligning with the right community will enrich your life for the better. Like my Big Mother used to say after leaving the small community church late, “It takes a village”.

November 1, 2023