Just For Fun

By Robert Berry

Just for fun I Googled, the average words a person hears a day…the response that came back had me puzzled. Research suggests that the average person hears between 20,000 and 30,000 words during the course of a 24-hour period. I couldn’t imagine this but when I started thinking about the various types of communication vehicles from News, Talk Radio, Music, Podcasts, Audible, Social Media, Work, Streaming Apps of movies and shows, Family, School, etc. It’s possible. Now, let’s think about this for a moment. That many words in a 24 hour period??? 

I can remember back in January of 2019, I made the decision to go on a trip with some friends. In my mind it was just for fun as it was a tourist attraction, a city I always wanted to travel to, speaking events were planned and I would be there for support. In February we started to meet to talk and pray about the trip over a meal. Being a fan of martial arts, I was so looking forward to the trip. As time got closer, I started getting a heart for the city and young adults in the city. When I arrived in March, I found out that the missionaries have children that are engaged in the ministry. I mean like all in! Seeing them in action was so inspiring. What I thought was just for fun from a tourist point of view was literally God showing me another way to have fun with friends that are over 5,000 miles from where I live. When I say fun, since being back from the mission trip, we FaceTime or Zoom monthly. We are on the Nike Running App and I share tips on running. We encourage each other about ministry and pray for each other before our Zoom or FaceTime ends. I have seen three of the four children when they visited the states. We have literally bonded for over 3 years. Talking about FUN!! I can go on and on!!

Now of course, this was my fourth international mission trip. It wasn’t always fun to get on a plane and fly that many miles away. It all started right in Jackson, MS when we would walk the streets and pray for people in their homes. I was so nervous but being mentored by our Outreach Director at the time, Pastor Tommie Brown, I get to invite people to Poindexter Outreach and I’m amazed at how some of church members have gone on to their first international mission trip with their Life Group or someone from their Serve Team. The same can happen for you.

In John 4:4, I’m reminded of what Jesus said, He must needs go through Samaria. Here Jesus had a conversation with a lady that not only changed her life but the city she lived in. Will you go to Jackson or an international mission trip with some friends and share your story? Of course, if you have never been, just as I was encouraged and Coached, the same will happen for you. When you go, this gives God the opportunity to display his love and faithfulness through your story. We have multiple ways for you to get involved through our Poindexter Outreach from mentoring youth, to encouraging college students, to painting or cleaning projects, feeding people, prayer walks and upcoming mission trips that will be announced. Only God’s words from your heart to another person’s heart can bring truth, freedom and joy that the world can’t give. The Great Commission is our Heartbeat.

February 2, 2023