Let’s Speak WELL Over Our Children

By Renee Horne

Have you ever just been done? I mean DONE. D – O – N – E, DONE? We all know if we start spelling it’s gotten real, right!?

In parenting, we get our fair share of moments where we feel DONE but it’s SO important in these moments to keep a watch on our words…especially our words spoken over our children.

Sure, we’re ALL going to have moments where our flesh rises up and we are D – O – N – E, DONE for that moment or even that day AND THAT’S OKAY.

What’s not okay, if we’re interested in raising our children up to be ALL God has called them to be, is to speak negatively over them…to rehearse their wrong over and over to everyone we see… we all miss it here from time to time, by the way!

Some might’ve never been taught how to speak WELL over their children and might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?”

What we speak over our children, and anyone for that fact, creates an inner image, on the inside of us, of them. The more we speak the bigger that image becomes.

The good thing is this works in the POSITIVE as well! This is why positive confessions and PRAYING GOD’S PROMISES over our children are so important.

When we say, “My children have such a great life ahead of them. They know their Father’s voice and leading and will never stray from it. They’ll not be deceived by any trick of the enemy- God has directed their paths and they’ll walk in it, and live out the number of their days happy and full of life! No weapon will prosper against them!”, we’re speaking LIFE over them.

Speaking these types of confessions over our children creates an inner image on the inside of us of them THRIVING and that image causes FAITH to grow in our hearts for them.

We water that seed of faith by continuing to speak well and giving thanks to God for all He’s doing in their lives.

We have to protect our seeds of faith with our words.

On hard days, we can’t go around complaining about our children to our buds and spouses – not because God will be mad at us or any foolishness like that – but because we have to protect our inner image of our children THRIVING!

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

So, let’s spend some time today seeing our children thriving. No matter what we see in the natural, let’s spend time seeing them thriving and in the right relationships.

When we see them this way, we speak to them differently and they begin to sense what we’re seeing inside, and THEY WILL RISE to that inner image we have of them.

It’s contagious!

A prayer to pray over our children:
“Father, we ask for wisdom to parent our children well. We ask for insight into the small things that may be tripping them up today. We ask you, Father, to remove any wrong influences from their lives, in-person or online, and we ask for you to bring in the right relationships for them to do life with in this very season. No matter their ages, we recognize the power of relationships and influences. We ask you for the right ones to enter their lives right on time – we trust you with our babies. In Jesus’ name, Amen”.

November 1, 2023