Marriage is a (Long) Love Story

By Myria Scott

Remember That Your Marriage is a Love Story.

Our marriage started with very little finances but a lot of love. During our engagement, Terry moved to California for a job while I lived with my folks in Louisiana. Many of our friends got married around the same time we did, and after their weddings, they all went on honeymoons. As we planned our wedding, it was clear that there was no budget for anything else, especially since that budget included moving me from Louisiana to California. So I asked Terry, “What about our honeymoon?” He quickly responded, “Our marriage will be our honeymoon.” I knew that was the “broke” answer, but went with it, anyway. 

Our first year of marriage progressed and Terry’s 1st-anniversary gift to me was a honeymoon trip. When I told my friends about this, they thought the entire story surrounding this was “so romantic”. On the way to our destination, I thought about Terry’s original honeymoon plan and asked myself, “What happens to our marriage after this trip?” Although we had a great time, I couldn’t shake that thought. So on our way home, I reminded Terry about our original honeymoon plan and he said, “This trip is not a honeymoon. It’s a trip we took during our honeymoon. Our marriage is still our honeymoon.” 

After all these years of marriage, people still tell us we act like we’re still on our honeymoon. It’s because we still are. On one anniversary, I asked the Lord to show me how to be a good wife to Terry that year. He simply showed me that our marriage (honeymoon) is a love story and each year, as the adventures in it unfold, I should tell people about it. These adventures (small and great) in our story are orchestrated by Him, and they are in every marriage. So see the love story in your marriage and share it with those around you because people need to hear more love stories from marriages.   

July 6, 2022