Don’t Hesitate

By Luke Spencer

Don’t Hesitate

There’s an amazing story told by Jesus in Luke 15:11 about a young man who took his entire inheritance early so he could spend it all on “wild and free-living”. When all the money had run out, he was left with two options. To eat with the pigs he had found himself with or to go home to his father and ask for his forgiveness. My favorite part about this story is the response of the father as he saw his son returning home. It says in verse 20, “… his father saw him and was moved with compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” Notice the father never mentioned what he’d done or had been doing in the past. He only embraced him and had compassion for him. 

One thing I see more often than others is a hesitation to run straight to the Father. Sin will always carry shame and guilt with it, and if you listen to them, they’ll cause you to hesitate to run to Him.  If you’ll remember to simply go to Him as soon as you know something is off and don’t hesitate, then He will forgive you that very moment and the sin is washed away along with the guilt and shame of it. 

I believe that Running to The Father with our sin is a type of prayer. See prayer is simply a conversation between us and The Father. It’s us being so aware of Him and His goodness toward us that makes us run to Him no matter what we’ve done because we know He’s only going to respond to us with forgiveness, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. It’s because of this response that we want to continue to return to Him, no matter the circumstance.

It’s so amazing that our Father desires for us to commune with Him 24/7. Now I know you might say “how can I really do that 24/7” and I totally understand. But if you understand that He’s a person and loving Father who only desires for us to know His heart for us, then you can understand that He’s conversational. He created us to fellowship with Him and to know His love for us!  Don’t hesitate to go to Him with everything! 

May 12, 2022