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Coffee Time E1

How to strengthen the relationship with your children: Take care of ourselves, setting firm boundaries and having heart to heart time.

Coffee Time E2

How to make your spouse your best friend? How to have a marriage that is celebrated, not tolerated. How to stop fighting with each other, and start fighting for each other.

A Timeless Love E1

Are things a little dead, dry, hurt, hard and distant? What was born of the Spirit needs to be sustained by the Spirit. Bring the Spirit back to the relationship!

A Timeless Love E2

Ryan and hope share a few stories and tips on how to have a timeless marriage.

A Timeless Love E3

Marriage is the union of two completely different people, and yet it is still possible to have a timeless marriage.

A Timeless Love E4

Joel and Peppi have coffee time on stage, where they have a devotional on the things of God and speak on things that have to do with marriage, specifically Honor.

Forgiveness E1

Just like the people of israel found water in the desert, yet couldn’t drink it because of its bitterness; we find ourselves in the middle of God’s blessings, yet we can’t take advantage of them because of bitterness. Forgiveness is the answer, always.