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How to Walk With God? E1

Learn about 2 things that will help every kid in their walk with God. Tyler is very insightful and we believe that this video will help you out, a lot.

God-Confidence E1

There is a difference between self confidence and God confidence. To develop God confidence we need to know who God is, reflect, and start small. Click on the link to know more!

Prophecy E1

When was the last time you received a prophecy? When was the last time God became real to you? Let’s answer these questions today.

Prophecy E2

Prophecy is simply where you stop speaking and God starts to speak. Now, is this a reality in your life?

Prophecy E3

If God’s voice in my life is rare, there is probably something I need to adjust.

Prophecy E4

God has a great plan for all of us, but we will never find out what it is if we don’t communicate with him.