Reflect Then Rejoice

By Tabitha Thompson

Reflect then Rejoice

No matter what season we find ourselves in, at some point we will face obstacles and challenges. Last year surely brought its fair share of challenges and obstacles. Not to mention the emotions that come along with those challenges, and sometimes the weight of those emotions can feel too heavy to bear. 

I’ve learned that the way I feel may be real, but the way I decide to stay is my choice. 

Job 39:11 says: “will you depend on him because his strength is great.”

It’s a simple question and yet profound. We have a choice when it comes to our emotions. Sometimes those emotions can feel as real as the situations we are in, but that’s a great time to reflect on God’s goodness. 

It’s good to reflect on all the good that God has done for us and all the good things that we have experienced this year.  We can reflect on God’s provision, his healing, his love, and his grace. 

There’s so much to reflect on! 

After we reflect, we rejoice. Without rejoicing, we stay focused on the past. So we rejoice for what’s ahead!

Rejoice like they did in the bible. 

Rejoice like Mary did in Luke 1:46-50 when she received news that she would bear a son, the Savior of the world.

Rejoice like David did in 2 Samuel 6:12-15, when he danced with all his might before the Lord. 

Rejoice like the Israelites did in Exodus when the Lord split the Red Sea so they could walk on dry ground. 

Rejoice like King Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20 when the Lord completely obliterated the enemies’ army and gave them the victory. 

Reflect and then Rejoice.

March 16, 2022