The Balance Within Comparison

The simple truth is that regardless of what you do and no matter how big or small; I guarantee that somewhere in the world someone is better at it than you… And that’s OK. On the other hand, you are the only you that God created for this world, and in His eyes, that was purposeful.

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Lessons for the Valley

Oftentimes on the peaks of mountains, there is not much being produced. There isn’t much life up there. It’s hard for others to join you. There isn’t much being sown or grown. It’s beautiful. But it’s also a little barren. But when the sun hits the snow on those peaks. It turns into water and the water goes down to the valley. And in the valley, you don’t see the same heights but you often see the richest provision. Things are growing. There is greenery. There is life and movement. There is lush vegetation.

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