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Developing Leaders: We Are Better Together

Becoming a leader and developing leaders is not easy, nor is it a one time encounter. Read this article from Joe’l Polvini to learn how to be a true leader by standing with others.

Because You Are Young

No matter where you find yourself in your career, relationships, or finances, you are a leader and can trust that God has prepared you for this season.

How May I Serve You?

The greatest among us is the biggest servant of all. Read this article from Todd Vaughan to discover what it means to have the true heart of a servant.

What to Do When You Are Disappointed in You

Everyone has experienced times of doubt and disappointment in the decisions they have made or actions they have taken. So, what do you do when you have disappointed you? Read this article from Pastor Joel Sims.


Growing is a good thing, and it’s rarely easy or comfortable but well worth the effort.

Marriage After 16 Years

“I’m still married to the man I need, want, and love more than anyone else I have ever known. How is that possible?”

Prayer, Spirituality

” It’s us being so aware of Him and His goodness toward us that makes us run to Him no matter what we’ve done”