Why Write the Vision and Make it Plain?

By Ryan Lamberson

What we don’t write down, we tend to forget. At least, that’s how it happens to me sometimes. If it’s essential, I’ll write it down. If not, it must’ve not been that important. Some things in life aren’t necessary, so if we forget to do them, it’s no big deal. However, other items in life are significant and must get done. Those are the things we need to write down and keep before our eyes. 

Each of us has a picture of what we would like life to look like. For example, some of us want our relationships to look a certain way, and others want their finances to be at a certain level. For each area of life, we need to know what that picture looks like for the future. That’s vision. It’s a picture of a preferred future. With no image, there will be no plan, and with no plan, we will repeat the same year over and over. Nobody wants that! To avoid this, the bible tells us in Habakkuk 2:2 to write the vision and make it plain, so he may run who reads it.   

This scripture shows us the importance and power of having a vision and writing it down. When our future is seen in our hearts and written down, we can run after it and see God bring it to pass.

I recently started a seventy-five-day exercise program. I have a printed paper I check off each day I accomplish the plan. It’s written, and it’s working because I have to look at it each day. It’s important to me, so I wrote it down. I have a vision for being healthier. It’s my preferred future to look and feel better. 

Ask yourself what you want to see in each area of your life in the future. Then, write those things down and keep them in a place you will see them every day. Make it so visible you can’t ignore it. This will cause you to run after the vision until the vision that’s been in your heart you can now see with your eyes. Then, the dreams, calling, and purpose God’s put in your heart are possible to become a reality. It starts with a vision of what life could be and the determination to write it down so you can run after it until you hold it in your hands. 

October 9, 2022