You’re Not a Salesperson

By Rebekah Peacock

We often approach ‘sharing Jesus’ with people as if we are trying to trick them into buying something. So we get nervous. We try to rehearse what we’re going to say. We have to talk ourselves into just having a conversation and the truth is it should just be an overflow of who you are and effortless. But why doesn’t it feel that way?

Let’s say you went to a restaurant and had an incredible meal with an outstanding experience and phenomenal service. You would be telling everyone about this! You would bring it up in every conversation you had at least for the next week, more than likely the next month if not still remembering it for years. If you’re a foodie like me you will reminisce about the amazing slice of pizza you had at a hole in the wall in California you had 10 years ago and anytime someone brings up good pizza you’ve got to tell them about the BEST pizza! My mouth waters just thinking about it. And people will probably try to tell you they don’t like pizza but you’re convinced that if they tried THIS pizza they would like it because it’s the best. You’re convinced of it! You have tasted, seen, and had an experience with this slice of pizza! There is nothing anyone could say that could convince you that you didn’t have the best pizza.

How much more so should we be convinced that Jesus is the best thing that could ever happen to someone’s life? Have you tasted and seen that He is good? (Psalm 34:8) Are you convinced yourself? Are you completely certain? I can speak from experience that if I am not certain about something I am not confident when I speak about it. Because we’ve been talking about food, if I haven’t eaten somewhere, I can’t tell you how it is or if you will like it. I can tell you what I’ve read and I can tell you what I’ve heard other people say but until I go myself and experience it myself, I can’t confidently tell you about it. 

It’s the same way with the Lord. 

When we speak to others about Jesus it should be coming from a place of overflow. This should be normal life for us to speak to and about Jesus. We’re with Him every day! In fact, sometimes we don’t even have to speak and try to convince the people around us, it should be seen in us. Seen in our responses. Seen in our actions and reactions. In our speech. The Jesus in us should be drawing people to us, not pushing them away.

You’re not a salesperson for Jesus. You’re a billboard for Him. People should read your life and know who He is.

Matthew 5:16 says “Your light must shine before people in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” So let your light shine. And if you aren’t convinced or completely sure like we talked about earlier, then pray this prayer, ‘Jesus I know that You are real and you want to meet with me in a real way. Make Yourself known to me in a way that I can’t deny. I want to be confident in who You are and who I am in You. Have Your way in every area of my life so that I may shine Your light on everyone I come in contact with. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.’

July 1, 2024